Published: Nov. 15, 2019, 11:48 a.m.

       Coronet with you since 1963

Coronet is a company specializing in cleaning, disinfection and removal of all types of upholstery (textiles and leather), carpets and carpets, anti-stain and fire retardant treatment, mattress and upholstery / textile disinfection, odor deodorization by fire, smoke, mold, etc., cleaning and treatment of all types of floors (hydraulic, marble, stone, mud, terrazzo), sand and polish, surface restoration, sale of products and laundry service. 

All the products we use are professional and are specialized for each type of cleaning in particular and suitable for the material or textile to be cleaned. They are approved by the European standard and are safe for health and the environment.

  ·Upholstery cleaning (textiles and leather)

Sofas, armchairs, heads, chairs, hammocks, cushions, awnings,…. Cleaning performed using the water injection / extraction method with machinery and professional products, No. 1 in U.S.A. 

By means of this cleaning method we assure you the total and effective cleaning, not only in the most superficial part of the textile (for example: cushion cover), but also interior (for example the cushion foam) is cleaned. 

For all those upholsteries that do not allow to be cleaned with water, we offer dry cleaning using specialized products.

    Carpet cleaning

We use the latest professional technology that is currently on the market. Carpet cleaning is done with the Prochem truck -mounted Everest machine for high temperature water injection and extraction by performing a deep cleaning. 

For all those carpets that do not allow to be cleaned with water, we offer dry cleaning through specialized products.

    Anti-stain and flame retardant treatment

Applicators of anti-stain protectors, once the upholstery is cleaned, a protector is applied in which the stain remains on the surface and does not penetrate the fabric. Fireproof applicators in textiles and carpets, once the cleaning is done, this product is applied for greater safety in case of fire.

   Disinfection of mattresses, upholstery / textiles

The mattresses will be treated with a specific anti microbial and anti mite product. Very effective cleaner against all types of bacteria and viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, and E-Coli. The product is approved by EN1276.

Cleaning done by injection / extraction system. We regulate the PH to avoid possible allergic reactions to people with atopic and / or sensitive skin. 

   Cleaning and treatment of all types of floors (linoleum, vinyl, pvc parquet, hydraulic, marble, stone, mud, terrazzo), sand and polish.

In-depth cleaning of all types of floors and surfaces with a powerful high temperature injection / extraction system, without splashes or waterlogging eliminating all dirt, grease, mold, ... Once cleaning, the treatments we offer will allow durability from cleaning and impermeability, protecting the floor or surface from any type of stain. We sand and polish too.

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